Our law firm is premised upon the recognition that we live in an era of specialization.

We represent sophisticated, accomplished and successful financial professionals. Our clients are keenly aware of the education, training, expertise and skills necessary to afford them every opportunity and advantage to succeed. As a specialized boutique law firm focused upon the financial services industry, Saretsky Hart Michaels & Gould attorneys have the talent, commitment, competitiveness and enthusiasm to translate expertise into results.


At the end of the day, results are what count. Through hard work and dedication, we have developed an envious track record of results (dismissals, no cause awards and exceedingly favorable settlements before hearing and through mediation) for our clients that distinguish us from other lawyers. Victories through hearing are frequently enjoyed. Even more celebrated are our successes obtaining pre-hearing dismissals. In the recent past, we are proud to have obtained pre-hearing dismissals in numerous cases, collectively saving our clients millions of dollars in losses, absolving them of liability and saving them the time and expense of costly hearings. Again, results are what count, and we deliver.